St. Stephen Martyr


St. Stephen Martyr in Columbus, Ohio was actually designed in 1963 as a temporary chapel in a school basement. It was hoped from the beginning that the congregation would soon be building a new church. Forty-five years later, there is still no new church, but the determined pastor and parishioners requested an upgrade to their deteriorating chapel to serve the existing members and the growing community of Latinos that worship here.

We produced designs for the beautification of the existing chapel including a new Sanctuary, flooring, ceiling, lighting, and restored confessionals, organ and stations of the cross. We also coordinated the use of a tangent overflow space for the large Spanish Masses in such a way that the chapel retains its axiality, hierarchy, and spiritual focus. It is hoped that the restoration and beautification of this chapel will increase the spiritual life of the people and inspire them as they continue to plan for a new church.