Our Lady of Ephesus Chapel


The Chapel of Our Lady of Ephesus is located on the ground floor of the Kansas City Catholic Center, formerly the NY Life Insurance Building by McKim Mead & White built in 1888. Known as the first skyscraper in the US, the Catholic Center was purchased by the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph in 2010 to house the Catholic Chancery, Catholic Charities, and all other Diocesan offices. The chapel serves the employees of the Diocese and the public.

The completed chapel includes new altars, new paint and gilding, new pews, new chandeliers, and new wall niches with statues of St Paul (left) and St John the Apostle (right). The chapel is a former conference room and seats 60 persons

The devotion to Mary, Our Lady of Ephesus, Turkey is an ancient devotion based at the site where the Virgin's last days on earth were spent

In addition to providing Christian symbolism and integral spiritual meaning to the architecture of the chapel, it was our obligation we felt to pay homage to McKim Mead and White in color schemes and classical details so that the new chapel was complimentary to the existing landmark building

A new Marian terrazzo emblem in the main aisle was designed by our office. Lilies, pomegranates, the crescent moon, and the rose are ancient symbols relating not only to Mary, but to Artemis whose temple once stood in Ephesus

The emblem is a representation of the Virgin Mary as would be understood in light of ancient symbols of the Church and particularly those symbols significant to the ancient culture of Ephesus, Turkey