William Heyer has over fifteen years experience building traditional and classical architecture. From historic renovation work, to new churches, residences, additions and furniture, his knowledge and skills in the classical language for contemporary architecture form the foundation for his practice.

Why Classical?

Classical architecture embodies the whole of architectural culture since ancient times. Classical principles, based on time-honored rules set down over two millenia ago, form a living language which invigorates and gives meaning to each building, town, culture, and reveals beauty in unique ways. Our office is dedicated to restoring existing and building new architecture which speaks this language of classicism; a language which educates, replenishes, inspires, and respects our local memory and national identity.

Getting It Right: Collaboration & Communication

Making sure that a project meets the client’s needs, stands the test of time, and inspires as a beautiful design takes every effort to be attentive and collaborative. Contractors and engineers are our partners and we value their input especially where their field knowledge suggests a solution we did not see. The goal is an integrated, enduring design that can only be accomplished with a project team dedicated to respecting each others' services and working together to produce a beautiful result.

Our knowledge and expertise in classical principles along with this combination of collaboration and communication enables us to design and build architecture of strength, beauty, and significance that everyone involved can understand, admire and call their own.