Pontifical College

Since the beginning of 2005, William Heyer Architect has been architectural consultant to the Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus for restoration projects throughout the 1931 complex of buildings and the 1958 College and Athletic buildings.

The Josephinum was built 1927-1931 and designed by St. Louis architect and Holland native Frank A. Ludewig. His designs for the campus located 15 miles north of Columbus reveal a strong Dutch influence setting the Josephinum apart as a unique and fascinating architectural complex. The tower, based on Dutch secular and sacred towers of Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Nijmegen is a local landmark and can be seen from the highrises in downtown Columbus on a clear day.

From 2005-2007 replacement of the entire slate and copper roofs of the original 1931 buildings was accomplished, as well as exterior masonry restoration of the main chapel St. Turibius and the front two octagonal towers. Masonry restoration and interior improvements continue at the main building.

In 2006-2007 our office presented a comprehensive design vision for the restoration and beautification of St. Turibius chapel. We also designed/installed a new wood ambo to replace the 1989 modernist piece.

In 2008, we restored the Refectory ceiling, renovated student residences in the old Sisters' quarters, renovated guest suites, and completed a comprehensive interior design palette for all room restorations. A new organ was also installed fitting the design aesthetics of the chapel interior through a private gift.

In 2009, we continued restoration of St. Turibius by installing a new dossel curtain in the apse, adding a better wall color to the side aisles, and restoring an older gothic altar to replace the 1989 modernist slab altar.

In 2011, St Rose Chapel was restored and planning continues for the fundraising efforts to start the beautification of St. Turibius in 2015.